with Ellen Horne, Editorial Director and founder of Story Mechanics

In podcasting, the mantra is "write for the ear." What does this mean and how can you turn your serviceable podcast script into something dope, something that people want to listen to again and again? Learn the secrets in this session with Ellen Horne.

Friday, October 14

45 PM

ICA Auditorium | Open to anyone with a RESONATE badge


Photo of Ellen Horne.

Ellen Horne is the director of the Audio Reportage and Podcasting concentration in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at NYU. She is also the executive producer of the forthcoming investigative podcast series, Admissible, produced in partnership with VPM, iHeart Media and her production company, Story Mechanics. Horne was the executive producer of WNYC’s Radiolab for over a decade. As editorial director at Story Mechanics she produces a range of audio-first creative projects, including stage shows, installations, podcasts and apps.

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