HOW TO DO A TAPE SYNC (in the media center)

with Erin McGregor, host and creator of Queer Public and from The Association for Independents in Radio

A tape sync is an on location recording, commissioned by a podcast or radio show, in which the syncer records one side of an interview. Beginners and pros alike appreciate the experience and the extra cash that comes with the gig. This session is the first step in your tape sync journey.

Friday, October 14

33:45 PM

Community Media Center | Open to anyone with a RESONATE badge


Photo of Erin McGregor.

Erin McGregor is the host and creator of Queer Public, a narrative podcast that asks critical questions about queer identity, politics, and culture. Erin holds a Master’s Degree in Social Justice & Equity Studies from Brock University where she studied broadcast news interviews on the CBC. She oversees Membership, Community and Mentorship at the Association of Independents in Radio and has a special interest in helping people break into the audio industry.