with Marc Cheatham, creator of The Cheats Movement, LLC

"To speak is to exist absolutely for the other." We don't podcast to be alone. We do it to bring people together, to form community and serve our audience. No one knows this better than Marc Cheatham. Cheats is synonymous with Richmond and his community orientation is reflected in his podcast, The Cheats Movement. Join Marc for a session that reminds us why we are in the podcast game, and how we can best build bridges.

Saturday, October 15

11:45 PM

ICA Auditorium | Open to anyone with a RESONATE badge


Photo of Marc Chetham.

Marc Cheatham is a creator of The Cheats Movement, LLC. The Cheats Movement is a multi-media platform that celebrates the Richmond region as a hub for music, art, culture, and diversity. The Cheats Movement has been consistently voted one of the best independent media platforms in Richmond, and Marc, known throughout his community as Cheats, has become one of the leading voices for Richmond's hip-hop community. In 2018, Marc transformed his popular podcast into a radio show which aired biweekly on WRIR 97.3 FM. The show featured regional and national leaders in arts, entertainment, and politics. In 2022, Marc launched the Family Podcast Network to serve as an outlet for other podcasters to create and cultivate their content. Professionally, Marc serves as Director of Constituent Services and Casework for US Senator Tim Kaine. He is married to Aria Cheatham, and together they have an 8-year-old son named Cameron.